Exterior landscaping is an important part of many companies’ marketing strategies. It is a great way to project their company image and can last a lifetime. The cost of hiring professional landscaping services can be worth it, especially when you consider their creativity.

As the selection of office plants can reflect a company’s values and mission, the landscaping around an office building or retail store can make a big difference in the overall business. Smaller cafes with hanging baskets or potted trees for outside tables can have a more sophisticated appearance.

It is not enough to just consider the cost of the display and its installation. The maintenance costs of interior landscaping can be reduced by using artificial office plants. However, exterior landscaping is just as important.

1. Project Your Image

The landscapers have a wide range of exterior landscaping options, so the hiring company needs to have a clear vision of the image they desire to project. As it is the company, not the person, that is being represented, it is important to keep away from personal preferences. Also, clients and potential clients will have their first impression of the building.

So, while an accountant may not benefit from colorful hanging floral baskets outside his office, a more elaborate water feature may be better suited for a family of confectioners. Local Landscaping Contractors in Cairns can suggest some important tips to improve the exterior look.


2. Know your Customers

Knowing who your customers really are is essential. This is tied to company image. However, if your customers are more inclined to see elaborate displays or modern designs, it may be necessary. It all comes down to communication.

For example, the local working class will often be more open to colorful and friendly arrangements. While those in high-powered professions are more comfortable with simple and modern designs, For wealthy shoppers, however, more elaborate displays are often attractive, such as fountains.

3. Keep Maintenance Costs in Your Mind

Commercial landscaping is more expensive than just the design and installation. There are also costs associated with maintaining these features, which can sometimes be overlooked.

A lavish floral arrangement and water feature might be a draw for high-end shoppers. However, professional staff should regularly look after it. It can harm the results, so make sure your budget includes enough for professionals to maintain them.

4. Hardscaping might be a good option

Although it’s not a common term, hardscaping is a key component of many landscaping options used by contractors providing Landscaping Services in Cairns. They are rockeries or low-maintenance items that require little attention. Some shrubs can thrive in any climate, no matter how hot or cold, and require very little attention. It is possible to leave rocks and other boulders unattended, although they can be cleaned occasionally.

5. Green Technology

Hiring landscaping services for your company can help you save money, and also do your local environment a favor by choosing native plants. They generally need less maintenance and require little attention. A more eco-friendly design will result in a lower rate of soil loss, which is good news for the environment. This is usually achieved by using specific types of shrubs or trees that can be strategically placed to hold the soil.

The addition of office plants to an office building can make it a more pleasant place to work and also help improve company image. The office’s interior decor is enhanced by water features, plant choices, and even the containers in which they are placed. External landscaping costs can be reduced by considering the right factors. Artificial office plants are known to bring about a significant drop in maintenance expenses.