Garden Edging Cairns

Garden Edging Cairns

A well laid out landscape usually has different but complementing areas. For example, your garden can have a flower section and another section consisting mostly of herbs or vegetables.

With garden edging, using natural and synthetic turf or some other materials, we can make a distinct but blending area around each independent zone.

Lawn edging, meanwhile, prevents your lawn from getting into your garden beds by creating enough space between both sections. After a turf laying, edging with steel or aluminium gives a really cool finish.

Apart from adding a superb finishing touch to your garden, garden edging in Cairns also prevents turf grass like buffalo grass, getting into nearby garden areas.

Another great benefit is that it keeps your mulching materials in place, away from the lawn. While edging is most commonly done using bottles, bricks, stones, timber, and other materials, if you want a more natural appearance, planting sedum and barrenwort is a nice way to go.

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Kwik Kerbs

If you want good quality concrete edging, kwik kerb is the name to remember. With several shapes and shades available, you just can’t help but love the finish.

Concrete curbing using kwik kerb reduces erosion in flood prone areas, enhances curb appeal, and gives your garden a structured and professional look.

Kwik kerbs from Pro Landscaping Cairns are perfect for garden edging, as well as the edging of driveways, pathways, and concrete countertops. 

Well laid kwik kerbs add to the value of your property, increase its aesthetic appeal, and save you money due to their durability and low maintenance.

Kwik kerb is quick to lay and is one of the most effective driveway drainage solutions.

For best results, install kwik kerb before the installation of your irrigation lines. It is advisable to wait at least 48 hours after kwik kerb installation before exposure to rain or irrigation.

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Types of Edging

There are different types of garden edging. Factors that determine what is best for your lawn are the cost of edging, how much maintenance it requires, how well it complements your property, and how durable it is. 

  • Trench: A trench is one of the most basic forms of garden edging. All it requires is digging out a trench to separate the different sections in your garden.
  • Flowers: Flowers are a subtle way to edge your landscape. In addition to protecting mulch, controlling weeds, and keeping people off, flowers also add beauty to your yard.
  • Fence: A fence may be desirable for edging your lawn if you have tall plants close to its edge. We can make your fence stylish to add beauty to your yard.
  • Solid Edging: Solid barriers are quite popular as edging materials, but they do have a higher price tag than other edging methods. Examples of solid barriers are stones, bricks, tiles, and concrete.
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