Retaining Walls Cairns

Retaining Walls Cairns

Retaining walls are solid structures used to support the soil laterally, usually to maintain different soil levels on either side. They may also be used to hold back soil. Retaining walls are of different types and sizes, depending on the nature of your project. They can be made of stone, poured concrete, railway sleepers, concrete block, and timber.

We build all kinds of retaining walls including gabion walls, gravity walls, feature walls, green retaining walls, anchored walls, reinforced retaining walls, buttressed retaining walls, and several others.

Their benefits are flood prevention, erosion control, aesthetic appearance, to boost the value of your property, to support raised patios, and to create an entertainment or relaxation area.

Gabion Walls

Coined from the Italian word for a cage, gabion walls bring loads of benefits to your property. Although gabion walls are not as visually appealing as, say, timber retaining walls, they are fast to construct, help with drainage, are budget-friendly, and last long. 

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Another advantage of gabion baskets is that they are flexible. As such, they can be moved from one place to another. Gabions can be used for walls and fences.

Specifically, they can be used as flood walls, retaining walls, and seating walls. There are a few types of gabions:

  • Gabion baskets
  • Gabion sacks
  • Gabion mattresses
  • Gabion wire mesh

Types of Retaining Walls

Materials used to make retaining walls are rocks, concrete blocks, poured concrete, timber, stones, and soil.

The main types of retaining walls Cairns landscape contractors build are;

  • Gravity Walls: Gravity walls use their mass to overcome pressure from the soil behind them. They are usually massive structures.
  • Green Retaining Walls: A green retaining wall is used to contain not so steep slopes.
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  • Reinforced Retaining Walls: Reinforced retaining walls are built by slowly increasing the tensile force placed on the soil on the backside of the wall.
  • Cantilever Retaining Walls: Cantilever retaining walls are made of concrete. These types of retaining walls are connected to the foundation. They are the most commonly used retaining walls.
  • Anchored Walls: Anchored retaining walls are attached to the soil using cables or other items.
  • Counterfort Retaining Walls: Also known as counterforts, these walls are similar to cantilever retaining walls. The difference is the addition of concrete triangular beams along the wall’s backside.
  • Buttressed Retaining Walls: Buttressed retaining walls are like counterfort retaining walls except that concrete triangular beams are placed in front of the wall.
  • Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls: Reinforced soil retaining walls are beneficial in a situation where reinforced concrete cannot be used, due to the nature of the soil or a low budget.
  • Mechanical Stabilization Walls: The main advantage of mechanical stabilization walls is that they don’t require a framework.

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