Landscape contractors have designed planting elements that can be used to plant plants. Landscape contractors could be either gardeners or landscapers.

A landscape contractor can provide the following services:

  • Grade the land and clear it
  • You must ensure that the property has adequate drainage
  • You can build decks, patios, and masonry walls.
  • Manage and install irrigation systems
  • Design interior landscapes and special gardens
  • For safety and aesthetics, install lighting
  • You can plant anything, from perennials and annuals to larger shrubs or trees.
  • To keep your garden pesticide-free, reduce or eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers in the landscape.
  • To reduce waste and water consumption in areas afflicted by drought, audit water use

Landscape Contractors: Specialties

Landscape contractors can specialize in any or all of the following areas:

  • Design and build: A contractor can design elements such as patios, swimming pools, or pergolas.
  • Installation: This could include installing plants for homeowners or larger projects like paths, pools, water features, and walls.
  • Maintenance: A good contractor will have some knowledge in horticulture. They will provide weekly or biweekly lawn care, fertilization, and pest management.
  • Residential/Commercial: Projects may range from suburban homes to urban multi-unit housing and commercial exterior and interior landscaping.
  • Interior and Exterior: Some landscapers specialize in both, while others choose to focus on only interior or exterior landscaping.

What to look for in a Landscaping Contractor?

Request a list of references and examples of completed landscape projects when you are researching landscape contractors to do a residential job. Ask to tour similar homes. As a consumer, it can be very valuable to visit a project in progress. Images of completed projects are often posted on the firm’s site.

  1. Examples of community service
  2. A biography
  3. Articles that the contractor has written
  4. Online research

How to Choose Your Landscape Contractor?

Is he a structural landscaper- There are two types of landscaping: hard landscaping and soft landscaping? Soft landscaping includes all planting, maintenance, irrigation, and waste removal. Soft landscaping is provided by all landscape contractors, so there is no need to obtain additional licensing. Soft landscaping can make any space or garden look amazing and is essential in creating a beautiful landscape. You may have problems if your contractor is only skilled in soft landscaping. Hard landscaping encompasses all aspects of construction required to complete your project. Hard landscaping can include, but is not limited to:

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Excavation & Earthworks
  3. Concrete, Paving & Tiling
  4. Stonework & Masonry
  5. Decking, Patios & Gazebos
  6. Vertical Gardens

It is essential to ensure that you hire a contractor who is skilled in both hard- and soft landscaping when taking on large projects. It will help you feel confident that your contractor can provide a wide range of construction services. You should also ask your contractor about their Builder Restricted to Structural Landscaping license. So, if you are looking for the best landscaping contractors then you can contact local landscaping contractors in Cairns.

Is your contractor well-respected in the local community?

You can dispel any doubts about your contractor’s reputation by knowing their track record. Two important factors to consider when evaluating a contractor’s relationship with clients, suppliers, and other contractors are:

I- Their work quality

II- Their passion for craft and community